Artemis 1 mission to the Moon will be delayed again due to failures with the SLS rocket

The most powerful rocket in NASA history has a problem in its engine computer.

NASA’s first major test of  its Artemis 1 lunar project has once again been delayed due to problems with the Space Launcher System ( SLS ) rocket .

The flight, which was planned for February , will have a new delay due to the fact that the SLS engine computer is presenting problems and errors, making it difficult to function.

The SLS  is fully stacked with the Orion spacecraft mounted on top and is currently conducting tests within the vehicle assembly building at Kennedy Space Center NASA, Florida.

To see if it works properly, a wet general test will be done, in which impeller will be added to the fuel tanks. If it works, preparations will be launched for the launch of the SLS with the Orion capsule into the orbit of the Moon, the awaiting Artemis 1 mission .

The SLS problem

“The flight controller functions as the ‘brain’ of each RS-25 engine, communicating with the SLS rocket to provide precision engine control as well as internal health diagnostics. Each controller is equipped with two channels so that there is a backup, should a problem arise with one of the channels during launch or ascent. In recent tests, the controller channel B on engine four failed to turn on consistently, ” NASA notes of the rocket problem.

It is surprising that the engine flight controller is misbehaving, given that it functioned normally during the preliminary integrated tests and during the full-duration fire test conducted in March 2021, according to NASA.

The engineers, spotting the problem, conducted inspections and fixed more problems, but ultimately decided to replace the problem motor controller. The NASA says the rocket has “returned to full functionality , ” but its engineers continue to investigate the cause of the problem based.

As for possible release dates, we are now talking about March or April.