Astronaut posts the first tiktok made in space

ESA  astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti showed what life is like on the International Space Station .


European Space Agency ( ESA ) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has posted the first tiktok  from space.

The scientist, a member of the Crew-4 mission , showed in her TikTok video what life is like on the International Space Station .

“Follow me to boldly go where no tiktoker has gone before,” Cristoforetti said at the end of his video, which is currently nearing a million views.

The space tiktoker

Samantha Cristoforetti , an astronaut of Italian nationality, has promised to record all the details of her space mission for the next five months.

In the first few videos, @AstroSamantha has already introduced the TikTok community to her three fellow NASA travelers who left with her aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Freedom spacecraft and answered some questions posed by TikTok users. who are already curious to discover all the secrets of space.

The crew of Crew-4 will continue hydroponic plant growth experiments, a JAXA-sponsored student project and a test of a diagnostic device for certain medical conditions in space.

Traveling with them were also two new experiments to test in microgravity: an artificial retina and floating, wireless health monitors .