Astronauts capture stunning aurora view from space

NASA’s Josh Cassada and JAXA’s Koichi Wasada have released stunning images of the International Space Station .

The views from space of astronomical phenomena on Earth are spectacular and proof of this are the images published by two astronauts from the International Space Station  (ISS) of an aurora .

It has been John Cassada (NASA) and Koichi Wasada (JAXA) who have shown off these spectacular views and have shared it through their social networks.

view from space

Wasada, an astronaut with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, shared a photo of the aurora, the Moon, a sunset and the spacecraft’s solar panels above Canada.

According to , this phenomenon forms as follows:

“Specifically, a ‘hole’ in the sun’s outer atmosphere, or corona, increased the flux of the solar wind, the stream of charged particles that constantly flows from our star. And huge clouds of solar plasma that were hurled into space by coronal mass ejections slammed into our planet on both Sunday (February 26) and Monday (February 27), adding more fuel to the aurora fire. As a result, displays have spread far from the ultra-high latitudes that are their natural home. (Earth’s magnetic field lines tend to funnel charged particles toward the poles of our planet),” he says.

life in space

The astronauts are under a 6-month mission in space.

They are in charge of the maintenance of the space station, in addition to carrying out various scientific experiments valuable to the plans of their space agencies: to colonize the universe.