Astronauts on the International Space Station use AI in their gloves to avoid accidents

Scientists  have developed gloves implemented with Artificial Intelligence to help astronauts when carrying out missions.


A team at Microsoft has developed an Artificial Intelligence system to help astronauts on the International Space Station  examine their gloves for tears or wear.

Gloves are worn by astronauts on spacewalks  and other missions, making them the most widely used item in space, and a cut or tear could endanger astronauts.

Normally, astronauts send photos of their gloves after each mission to NASA for analysis and then send the results back to the ISS, the space agency says .

astronaut gloves

Now, to speed up this analysis process, a Microsoft team along with NASA scientists and Hewlett Packard Enterprise engineers are working on a detector implemented with Artificial Intelligence to scan and analyze the images of the gloves directly on the ISS.

Astronaut gloves have five layers, the outer layer is rubberized for a better grip and acts as the first barrier of defense, then comes a layer made with a material that resists cuts. The other three layers maintain the pressure of the suit and protect against the extreme temperatures of space.

In the future, Microsoft plans to develop more technology to help space missions and astronauts.