The release of Avatar: La via dell’acqua , which yesterday even unveiled its first commercial.


is not far away : a sign that the promotional campaign is getting underway. Well, now producer Jon Landau announces that the film is complete.

Landau shared a photo of James Cameron with the post-production team, thanking everyone for their work:

Congratulations to the entire Avatar: The Waterway family . Yesterday [ that would be Wednesday, ed ] we completed the final mixing and mastering of the images, and I took this photo of our post-production team. I am grateful to all of you for your contribution to the film.

Guillermo del Toro re-shared Landau ‘s post, giving the sequel high praise:

A jaw-dropping result – AVATAR TWOW is overflowing with awe-inspiring sights and thrills on an epic, epic scale. A master at the pinnacle of his powers…

I remind you that, recently, James Cameron said he has a backup plan in case of a commercial flop, but the projections seem to point towards lavish gains; nevertheless, the director argues that the sequel needs to become “the third or fourth grosser in history” to “break even”, being a very expensive production. Here you will find information on the UCI Cinemas competition related to the film.

The release is expected for December 14 in Italian cinemas. You will find the photo taken by Landau and the commentary by del Toro below.

The picture

The cast

Returning in the sequels are Sam Worthington , Zoe Saldaña , Sigourney Weaver , Matt Gerald , Giovanni Ribisi , Stephen Lang and CCH Pounder .

Direction and screenplay

The direction is obviously handled by James Cameron , also screenwriter together with Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno .

New faces

New cast members include Cliff Curtis ( Tonowari ), Oona Chaplin ( Varang ), Brendan Cowell ( Mick Scoresby ), Kate Winslet ( Ronal ), David Thewlis , Michelle Yeoh ( Dr. Karina Mogue ), Edie Falco ( General Ardmore ) and Jemaine Clement ( Dr. Ian Garvin ).

The release dates

December 16, 2022 – Avatar 2
December 20, 2024 – Avatar 3
December 18, 2026 – Avatar 4
December 22, 2028 – Avatar 5