Back to space: Blue Origin announces date of new mission

Ahead of Blue Origin’s second mission , Jeff Bezos has sent gifts to the two officially announced crew members .

The space tourism rebuilds interest, this time from the hand of Blue Origin , the company founded by Jeff Bezos who already had his first successful trip to the space frontier. The company responsible for the New Shepard rocket already has two confirmed crew members and a date that, for the retailers of history, has a special meaning.

This will be New Shepard’s eighteenth mission, and the second manned flight into space, taking off on October 12 – the day of the first contact between Europe and America – taking four astronauts into space and back. The launch is scheduled for 8:30 am from the Launch Site One in West Texas.

Crewmembers receive gifts from Jeff Bezos

For this second sightseeing trip into space, Blue Origin has announced Chris Boshuizen , a former NASA employee , and Glen de Vries , co-founder of the Medidata Solutions platform for clinical research. So far, the space company has not released the names of the other two travelers.

To liven up the wait, Boshuizen has shared on his YouTube channel a series of gifts that Jeff Bezos himself has sent as part of this mission:

In addition to the formal invitation, Boshuizen has shown caps, stickers, a travelers mug, a bag and a series of details from Blue Origin, as part of his participation in this flight.