Back to the Moon: NASA advances cinematographic trailer of the “Artemis I” mission

NASA has scheduled the first flight of its SLS rocket for August 29.


NASA speeds up the pace, and we are already on discounts for the next mission for the long-awaited human return to the Moon, as part of the “Artemis” program. After knowing the scheduled date for the first flight of the SLS and the “Orion” capsule for this August 29 , the space agency has decided to share a trailer of what we expect with this inspiring mission back to Earth’s natural satellite.

Artemis is the most ambitious project of NASA and a series of logistics partners for the return of human beings to the Moon and, after developing sustainable spaces and generating energy with inputs from the satellite, the creation of a space platform for launches to other planets .

NASA’s “Artemis: Launch to the Moon” trailer features an animation of the massive Space Launch System (SLS) carrying the Orion capsule into space . “Artemis I” will involve sending this module on a flyby of the Moon before returning remotely.

“The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, Artemis I will be an uncrewed test flight that will provide a foundation for human exploration of deep space and demonstrate our commitment and ability to extend human existence to the moon and beyond. ”, notes NASA.

Artemis I and the transfer of astronauts to the Moon and Mars

The importance of this mission could not be more explicit. If all goes well, conditions for the 2024 Artemis II mission will be favourable. This next mission, the second of an initial stage of three, will carry astronauts on board using the same route, the same one that has been optimized to reduce energy consumption.