Bad Bunny suffers a fall on stage during a concert in the US

On March 27, the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny suffered a fall while giving one of his concerts as part of his ” The Last Tour of the World ” tour.


The Puerto Rican singer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny , starred in a fall on stage when he offered a concert in the United States. At the moment that he was jumping, the trap star tripped and fell in a singular way.

Despite the awkward moment, the interpreter’s reaction was to lie down on stage and continue singing. The situation did not escalate and he continued with the show that took place in Atlanta as part of his ” The Last Tour of the World ” tour.

The fall of Bad Bunny has gone viral on social networks. Several users and followers of the artist made known his perspectives in relation to the particular setback that the singer experienced on stage, several videos of the event already exceed one million views.


Bad Bunny  put his famous black truck up for rent on Airbnb with the goal, he said, of letting his guests “enter the world” of his current tour, ” The Last Tour of the World .”

“I wanted my fans to have the opportunity to experience what this tour has been like,” which now takes him to the Center Bell in Montreal, Canada, the artist explained.

The singer premiered the vehicle in the music video for ” Hoy I Cobré ” and later included it as part of the stage in the two concerts he offered in Puerto Rico last December.

“The truck is a very essential part of this entire tour and of my latest album. Why not share this with those who have supported me so much?” added the Puerto Rican artist.