Basic guide to change WhatsApp wallpaper

Changing the background of your chats in WhatsApp can be done from the same application in a simple way.


WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging company by users globally, not only because of its features that help users connect in real time with their friends, but also because of the customization capabilities that this tool has, such as For example, the change of fonts on Android phones, the customization of dark and light modes, profile picture, status and states that disappear after 24 hours or the wallpaper

This last item is perhaps the one that users personalize the most, after the profile picture, since having a pleasant wallpaper for the user’s eyes plays a fundamental role in feeling comfortable in the application, changing the default WhatsApp background is really simple less than five minutes.

You can customize the chats and modify the wallpaper in all or set one for a particular chat, you also have the option to choose specific wallpapers for dark and light mode, with the first mode you can also dim.

Change the general wallpaper

To change the wallpaper of all chats you must go to the more options menu followed by settings, Shots and finally the wallpaper option if the dark mode is active you can use the slider bar for wallpaper.

Touch the change option and then select a wallpaper category you can set a custom image from your gallery and you can also use a background from the WhatsApp gallery . Once you have chosen the background that best suits your personality, select set wallpaper.

Change the wallpaper of a particular chat

To change the wallpaper of an individual chat you must go to the Chat with the contact of what you want to change the wallpaper of I will touch more options followed by wallpaper and select a background category then choose an image that you want to set as him, you can also touch default wallpaper to restore the WhatsApp background, the WhatsApp background already comes in different colors so you can enjoy the wide gallery that the app offers.