The third season of The Boys has just ended and, as we know, a fourth is in preparation .


But there’s also a live-action spin-off on the way, The Boys Presents: Varsity , set in the only American college that trains young superheroes, obviously run by Vought.

It has been rumored for some time that the two series would have links, and now that is confirmed by The Boys showrunner , Eric Kripke . Speaking with Deadline , Kripke explained:

There are absolutely crossovers, and we’re doing our best to design the universe so that some of the arguments and stories from season 3 are rolled over to season one of Varsity . For example there will be a presidential campaign in the background of the season, and certain things happening in the school that will be in reaction to season 3 of The Boys . There will be Soldier Boy, etc., but also some new storylines that will happen [in] the spin-off and that we will have to recover and put into season 4 of [ The Boys ].

It is unclear what Kripke means when he mentions Soldier Boy, but he probably means that the character will simply be mentioned in Varsity as part of the background of The Boys universe . The author goes on to compare the work he and his team are doing right now with what Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Varsity is] a different corner of the world, it deals with different topics and themes, but it’s interesting. I have to give credit to Kevin Feige, because now that we’re trying to create a universe, and possibly get it right… it’s hard enough to keep just one series up, but keeping two up and making them both engaging… it’s a whole other level.