Beware of deception: they scam a subject by posing as his friend for deepfake

The friend’s voice and gestures were recreated by artificial intelligence software . The scammers managed to get the victim to transfer money to them.


Using the deepfake technique , scammers managed to trick a subject by posing as his friend and obtain a money transfer.

The fact was carried out in Mongolia and is due to new learning techniques driven by artificial intelligence.

It happened like that

The victim was from Baotou, a region in Inner Mongolia.

The criminals used artificial intelligence to recreate the face and voice of the subject’s friend. The goal was to ask him for money.

In the middle of the video call, the pirates asked the victim for $622,000 in help, which he agreed to due to the emergency.

The friend told the victim that he was unaware of the incident, the man reported the scam to authorities, who say they were able to recover most of the stolen funds, though they are still working to recover the rest.


To date, scammers have used multiple tools to replicate voices and call theft.

Cases like the one in the United Kingdom, where a CEO of an energy company transferred 220,000 euros to an alleged Hungarian supplier after a call from his “boss”, show that it is more common than is believed.

However, now they are even making video calls, a detail that can confuse many people, especially those of legal age.