Beware of repeatedly pressing the ‘likes’ on Facebook: they can block your account

Users report that if you press the ‘like’ button repeatedly for 30 seconds, your Facebook account may be restricted from the platform.


A new problem has been born on Facebook . Multiple users have started to report that if you repeatedly ‘like’ a post on the social network, your account may be blocked.

This problem is going viral with memes and challenges that trick you into doing this “harmless act” and then being penalized.

What is happening?

The problem is simple: if from the web service or from the application you give ‘like’ to any publication repeatedly, within seconds your account will be blocked.

“Your account has been restricted for one hour,” reads the message that follows the action. “Your account activity doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines, so you can’t take some of your usual actions.”

Subsequently, you will not be able to ‘ like’ any publication as time passes.

The problem also happens if, for example, you want to clean up the pages you follow: removing ‘ likes’ also blocks your account if you do it repeatedly.

Beware of the virus

This is where the memes start. Many users are sharing challenges and images encouraging users to ‘ like ‘ repeatedly to “unlock new tools”. It’s a hoax: they want your account to be blocked.

Most likely, Facebook recognizes this activity as a product of a bot or intelligence, so it ends up blocking the account for security reasons.

Be careful because as it is the first offense, the block is only for one hour. If the behavior continues, the penalty grows, reaching days and months