Big companies like Apple and Amazon will resume their investment in advertising on Twitter

Elon Musk is celebrating and ‘thanking’ big companies for his return to Twitter .


Large companies like Amazon and Apple will again invest money in ads on Twitter , according to international media reports and Elon Musk himself .

The companies had paused their investment in the social network after the arrival of the tycoon and the fear that hate content would be popularized by his “total freedom of expression” policy.

Amazon and Apple return

Elon Musk warned that Apple “fully resumed” all its advertising on Twitter this Saturday.

Following the news, the billionaire tweeted to “thank advertisers for coming back to Twitter .”

Now Amazon is next to resume its investment in the platform to the tune of $100 million a year, Platformer noted .

According to the information, the online retail giant was waiting for “some security adjustments” in the Twitter ad platform before returning.

Incentivizing the return

Half of Twitter ‘s top 100 advertisers cut spending in the days after Musk took over the company, according to the Media Matters think tank.

Collectively, they spent $750 million on Twitter ads this year alone and accounted for nearly $2 billion of the company’s ad revenue since 2020.

Twitter offered incentives to high-spending advertisers to offset the steep loss of revenue. Any advertiser who spends more than $500,000 will have a similar bonus added by the network itself.