Who but Tommy Wiseau could make a catastrophic b-movie at least ten years behind the trend of Sharknado ?


The film is called Big Shark , and it is exactly what you might expect from the title: a giant shark wreaks havoc in New Orleans, without much concern for breathing underwater. Boxers are also seen in the trailer training in the ring, for some reason.

In short, the director of The Room is back behind the camera twenty years after his first feature film, which Ross Morin defined as “the Citizen Kane of bad films”. Will this new project be just as genuine? The peculiarity of The Room was that Wiseau took himself seriously, while in this case one wonders if the director’s self-awareness – by now aware of his cult aura and of the irony with which his first film is viewed – hasn’t influenced the making of Big Shark .

However, the protagonists are Greg Sestero , Isaiah LaBorde and Wiseau himself in the role of three firefighters who must save the city from the terrible predator.

There is no release date yet, but we will keep you updated. You can watch the trailer below, along with the poster. Among other things, the trailer was associated with a commercial for the men’s underwear line created by Wiseau … what can I say, an entrepreneur with multifaceted talent!

Big Shark Trailer

The poster

The screenplay

Tommy Wiseau , Greg Sestero and Isaiah LaBorde also wrote the screenplay.

The Disaster Artist

Tommy Wiseau and The Room were the focus of The Disaster Artist , James Franco ‘s comedy chronicling the production of the infamous film. Franco , interpreter of Wiseau , has even won a Golden Globe.