Bill Gates Recognizes Society’s Next Big Problem: Power Grids

For Bill Gates , electrical networks “are old and obsolete” and may fail in the face of coming climate change.


Billionaire Bill Gates has warned about the increasingly obsolete power grids that exist in cities, pointing out the great danger they will bring in the future.

The founder of Microsoft wants them to “modernize” to be able to go further and withstand “extreme weather events.”

network changes

According to Bill Gates, high-voltage transmission lines need to be built, which would ensure “that people always have power when they need it.”

For Gates, the best models for obtaining energy are wind and solar, very far from urban centers.

“You can’t send sunlight in a wagon, so to maximize the potential of clean energy, we’ll need much longer lines to move that energy from where it’s produced to where it’s needed,” he explains.

Current networks, he adds, are vulnerable to climate change and its consequences: extreme weather conditions.

The worst thing is that it points out that, although it speaks of a single electrical network, these are actually divided into all countries with different levels of connection and age.

Mission: save society

Bill Gates is trying to change the world through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

An example is the project, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, part of the climate initiative that the businessman has been carrying out together with others such as Jeff Bezos and which is based on investing in new technologies such as advanced conductors and superconductors and cables that use the latest generation materials to get more power from smaller lines.