Bill Gates: ‘Telling people they can’t eat meat won’t solve climate change’

According to Bill Gates , only large-scale innovation will be able to solve climate change.“It’s unrealistic to expect people to change,” he says.

Bill Gates has pointed out that “it is unrealistic” to expect people to radically change their way of life to improve the climate situation in the world.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Zero podcast, the tycoon pointed out that only large-scale innovation will be able to combat climate change.

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In his interview, Gates assumed that social behavior would reject drastic change in his day-to-day life.

“Anyone who says that telling people to stop eating meat or to want to have a nice house will change human desires, I think it’s impossible,” he told the podcast. “You can defend it, but I don’t think it’s realistic for that to play a central role.”

The billionaire philanthropist also warned that the bill that is being pushed through the US parliament cannot be key if it does not have “innovation.”

“We’re not even trying to make breakthroughs, like inventing a cheap way to make jet fuel, or cement, or steel,” he said. “Existing tools only apply to areas like electricity generation and don’t apply to most emissions.”

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Bill Gates has long been a supporter of climate change innovation , designing nuclear reactors, and launched Breakthrough Energy, an investment vehicle that has invested in nearly 100 clean energy companies.

It has also financed a number of start-ups, including Turntide, which creates energy-efficient electric motors, and lithium startup Mangrove Lithium. Last year he published a book called “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” which he calls for climate innovation.