A place of honor, among the retrofuturistic FPS (first person shooter), belongs by right to the BioShock saga .


which started in 2007 and consists of three lucky and spectacular chapters, the first of which was to become a feature film immediately after its success of the first video game.

Things did not go as hoped and more than a decade of limbo followed for the project, now resurrected by Netflix .

The streaming platform is not new to such operations, given that several other times it has already recovered from the sea of ​​“production hell” some film or series: the last of these, that of the Masters of the Universe . There have been more failures than successful products so far, but we hope that BioShock can fall into the latter category.

The film will be produced in direct collaboration with the publisher Take-Two Interactive and with Vertigo Entertainment , although currently no names have been made regarding the writers, direction and / or cast, nor on the possible presence, in any role, of Ken Levine , creator of the series. The idea, however, is the one in vogue at the moment: to lay the foundations for a lasting franchise with different branches. Which is perfectly feasible, given the interesting original dystopian setting.

It is not clear if the starting point of the old project has been saved or if it will start from scratch: at the time of the made in Universal Pictures production it was practically all ready and director Gore Verbinski had very clear ideas about the direction that wanted to undertake.
However, the rating was considered too high, especially in relation to the estimated costs of the film, and in the end nothing was done.

Despite being basically a shooter, in fact, BioShock is one of the most reasoned exponents of the genre, with a socio-political background and well-defined themes that lead to existentialism and a series of moral dilemmas.

Below you will find Verbinski’s statements regarding the sinking of the old project:
Bioshock: Gore Verbinski explains what happened to the live action project based on the popular video game