Bitcoin falls back to $18,000 amid announcement of strong inflation in the US

The announcements of inflation in the United States have had a strong impact on bitcoin , a cryptocurrency that saw its value fall by 5% in a matter of seconds.

Bitcoin has fallen back to $18,000 in value per unit after the United States announced an inflation rate of 9% on Wednesday.

The exact price of this cryptocurrency at the time of writing is an average of $19,000 after falling as much as 5% in a matter of seconds, according to CoinMarketCap .

What about the cryptocurrency market?

US consumer price index data revealed year-on-year inflation of 9.1%, well above the 8.8% figure expected by the market and the highest level in four decades.

This fact causes the largest investors to leave the newest market such as cryptocurrencies and transfer the money to other traditional ones or try to protect the money in goods such as gold.

Bitcoin ‘s new fall undoes everything achieved during a last rally last weekend, changing hands to reach $22,000. Of course, it is a long way from its maximum peak of 68 thousand dollars in 2021.

New overall drop

The fall of bitcoin reaches the rest of the cryptocurrencies, who have also seen a decline in their values.

Ethereum is currently at $1,000 per unit; BNB, at 219, Cardano, 40 cents; Solana at 32 dollars or DogeCoin worth 5 cents. Most have seen a 4% drop in the last few hours.