Bitcoin surpasses $ 55,000 for the first time since May

The bitcoin is recovering from the fall last April, closer to its peak of 65,000 US dollars.


The bitcoin has reached for the first time since May 55 thousand dollars per unit.

According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency has increased 7% of the price within 24 hours, exceeding 55 thousand dollars for each currency.

Thanks to this rise, bitcoin has reached a market capitalization of one billion dollars.

Five months later

The bitcoin was less than 55,000 US dollars since 12 May, when it was at 54,000.

At that time, Tesla’s decision to suspend payments with cryptocurrency was added, and the prohibition of mining activity by the Chinese government, which made it fall to 30 thousand dollars and begin its slow recovery for the rest of the months.

Even though China banned it again only a few weeks ago, the price has been increasing, once again reaching the 50 thousand dollar floor. The new goal is to recover its maximum historical peak achieved in the first semester: 65 thousand dollars. However, it will be necessary to break fences for this: the first will be to stay to touch the 60 thousand dollars soon. 

Renowned github investors believe that bitcoin’s bull cycle may drive a new high: $ 100,000.