Dwayne Johnson has released another image of Black Adam to remind us that the first trailer will arrive on June 8th , as he announced himself a few days ago.


In addition, the inevitable Funko POP of cinecomic has leaked online, showing the same Teth Adam in three different versions (including the one with the throne). Together with the Man in Black we find the members of the Justice Society of America : Atom Smasher , Doctor Fate , Cyclone and Hawkman , the latter also with the spaceship. At the top left you can see the antagonist of the film, Sabbac , of which we have not even seen a concept art so far . Maybe it will show up in the trailer.

The American release has been postponed to next October 21 , so that the work on the visual effects can be completed with relative calm: the studies that deal with it are in fact full of commitments, especially due to the delays linked to the pandemic, so the times have lengthened (also for other blockbusters, as evidenced by the slippages of recent months).

You can see the images below.


The cast

For the moment, the cast includes Dwayne Johnson (the protagonist Teth-Adam ), Noah Centineo ( Atom Smasher ), Aldis Hodge ( Hawkman ), Sarah Shahi ( Isis ), Quintessa Swindell ( Cyclone ) and Pierce Brosnan ( Doctor Fate ), James Cusati-Moyer , Bodhi Sabongui , Mohammed Amer and Uli Latukefu . Marwan Kenzari will be the antagonist (possibly Sabbac ).

Direction and screenplay

The film is directed by Spaniard Jaume Collet-Serra ( Run All Night , Paradise Beach ). The screenplay is the work of Adam Sztykiel ( Childbirth with the Mad , Rampage: Animal Fury ).

Black Adam

The character of Teth Adam was created by Otto Binder and CC Beck in The Marvel Family # 1 (December 1945). He is a historical opponent of Captain Marvel and his family: he is an ancient Egyptian who was chosen by the wizard Shazam as his successor, but was corrupted by power and tried to use him to dominate the world. Over time, he has also been portrayed as an anti-hero.