Black Adam: TikTok and Twitter team up to remove the post-credits scene that was leaked

TikTok and Twitter have responded to Warner Bros ‘ request to erase all traces of one of the biggest spoilers for Black Adam , the new DC movie.

Black Adam , the new superhero movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson , will be released in theaters on October 21, but its post-credits scene has already been leaked through the most popular social networks. To try to control this crisis, TikTok and Twitter have committed to removing all traces of this clip from their respective platforms.

As is often the case with movies based on comics, Black Adam has a post-credits scene that tries to connect the film with other characters or franchises in the DC Extended Universe . Unfortunately, this has been the target of a new leak that has already made this part of the film available to the public on social networks, so Warner Bros. -distributor of the tape- has decided to ask TikTok and Twitter for help to try to reduce this situation.

TikTok and Twitter will seek to save “Black Adam”

According to what the Variety portal comments , Warner Bros. mentioned that he contacted the teams behind Twitter and TikTok to request that they actively work on removing all videos where the filtered Black Adam post-credits scene appears . In this regard, Twitter stated that it plans to “remove the content in accordance with our rules” while TikTok chose to delete them because they violated the rules of the app.

Although this type of situation is quite common for superhero movies since, in general, they present post-credit scenes, the truth is that it is still annoying for fans who seek to be surprised by the content of the production when see it in theaters as for the distribution company, since this can harm the premiere of the film.

What is the Black Adam post-credits scene about? [SPOILERS]

In this short clip, Black Adam can be seen on a stage full of smoke. Suddenly, behind this mist appears Superman , who is again played by actor Henry Cavill . This post-credits scene differs from the ones seen in Shazam! and Peacemaker where only the body of the iconic DC Comics superhero could be seen and not his face.

“It’s been a while since someone made the world so nervous,” Superman tells Black Adam , which somewhat anticipates an eventual confrontation between these two characters. At the moment, there is no more information regarding the connection of this film with the rest of the DC Extended Universe , but more information is expected to be revealed for the premiere of Black Adam on October 21.