The first four episodes of the Dragonero animated series . I Paladini , an international co-production Sergio Bonelli Editore, Rai Kids, PowerKids and NexusTV ,

It will be presented in world premiere at Lucca Comics & Games . The series is based on the comic created by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti.

The appointment is for Saturday 29 October at 10.30 at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca, where a special Blue Carpet will be set up.

On stage there will be Michele Masiero , Editorial Director of Sergio Bonelli Editore, Luca Milano , Director of Rai Kids, Emanuele Vietina , Director of Lucca Comics & Games and Paolo Rozera , General Director of UNICEF Italy.

Accompanying them a quintet of winds, which on stage will play the theme song of the animated series.

The series

The Dragonero animated series consists of 26 episodes directed by Enrico Paolantonio and scripted by Giovanni Masi, Federico Rossi Edrighi and Mauro Uzzeo .

The synopsis:

Awakened from her millennial slumber, the Arcane Queen Sorceress receives the nine Dragon Tears from the evil technocrat Mekan, extraordinary artifacts that allow her to destroy the mystical web protecting the Erondár. To stop him today there are the new Paladins: Ian and Myrva, two young brothers unaware of their heritage, and Gmor, their Orc friend. Leading them, Draiken the Last Dragon. The fate of the Erondár is in their hands.

The appointments

The preview will be preceded by a gathering of cosplayers linked to the fantasy world who will meet in Piazza San Michele from the morning . Here at 9.40 am Miwa and its members , the Cartoon Marching Band , will also perform .

Customizations and blow-ups can be admired from Piazzale Verdi to the stand area of ​​Sergio Bonelli Editore , who will propose a 5 × 2.5 m ledwall where the trailer will be displayed in rotation.

The Agorà Auditorium will become one of the Dragonero Points: the Casa dei Paladini . A totally branded space – with an extraordinary area dedicated to Photo Opportunity – which will offer, from Friday 28 October , the screening of the first, eagerly awaited episode of the series.

Every day in this exclusive area, where the paper masks of Gmor, Myrva and Ian will also be available, meetings and insights will take place and, after the great premiere on 29 October at the Teatro del Giglio, it will be possible to attend the screening of all and four the first episodes of the series.

Here are the titles of the meetings:

  • From comics to 3D CGI, the impossible challenge;
  • How to give voice and music to a comic that becomes animation;
  • From the comic table to the screen; The secrets of directing;
  • How to write an animated series; Produce an animated series;
  • Dragonero meets Dampyr: from comics to cinema, the work of writing;
  • Another piece of Dragonero’s multimedia world: the video game arrives.

An exhibition of the tables designed by Luca Genovese and colored by Emiliano Mammucari will be set up at the Oratorio San Giuseppe.