“Black Widow” on Disney +: Scarlett Johansson asked for 100 million dollars for the premiere

After the premiere of ‘ Black Widow ‘ on Disney + ,  Scarlett Johansson  set the figure of 100 million dollars for the launch of the film by streaming.

Scarlett Johansson initiated a legal battle against Disney as a result of the simultaneous premiere on July 9 in theaters and Disney + of ” Black Widow .” The actress sued the company since part of her salary depended on box office earnings, claiming the amount she had stopped earning for the streaming premiere .

Recently, The Wall Street Journal newspaper  revealed that the interpreter could have asked for up to 100 million dollars after the company decided to launch the tape on the platform.

According to the outlet, Scarlett Johansson asked to be paid for ” Black Widow ” what she estimated would have raised at the box office before the pandemic. In his case, he set the figure at 100 million.

However, as stated in the Hollywood star’s breach of contract lawsuit against Disney , the decision to release the film simultaneously in theaters and Disney + affected the film’s box office performance.

Scarlett Johansson’s lawyers , according to the aforementioned newspaper, attempted to negotiate with Disney executives immediately after it was announced that ” Black Widow ” would launch on Disney + Premier Access. Apparently, they pushed for a new contract so that the actress could get a higher figure.

Scarlett Johansson vs Disney +

Scarlett Johansson’s legal team stated that ” Black Widow ” would have amassed at least $ 1.2 billion at the box office if the pandemic had not paralyzed the industry. Along with the base salary of 20 million that the actress received, another 80 million were stipulated to round the figure to 100 million dollars.

The US publication also noted that Johansson was promoting the film while Disney boss Bob Chapek took care of the other companies of the company in the midst of the pandemic, a detail that would be crucial for the situation to trigger a legal battle open between the interpreter of ‘Black Widow’ and Disney .

With Chapek busy with other business, other employees took over. The newspaper reported that Disney executives “did not return calls or emails to Johansson’s team or engage in serious conversations.” It is unknown if Chapek tried to fix the situation or how long Scarlett Johansson waited to sue Disney .