Blow to piracy: RARBG shuts down for good

The torrent indexer indicated that it was affected by COVID-19 , the war in Ukraine , and high costs due to inflation.

RARBG , one of the most popular torrent sites has suddenly announced its closure.

The site, which was a paradise for pirated content : movies , series , video games and more, closed immediately, leaving the reasons.

Why did RARBG leave?

One reason is the COVID-19 pandemic , with RARBG administrators claiming that some people on their team have died from complications of the disease, while others are still suffering from side effects that keep them from working

They also claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected them. “ON BOTH SIDES” indicates the final pronouncement of the RARBG .

Another factor has been the increase in the price of renting servers in Europe, accompanied by inflation.

“Therefore, we cannot maintain this site without massive expenses that we can no longer cover out of our pockets. After a unanimous vote, we decided that we can no longer do it, ”says RARBG .

“Sorry :(. Goodbye”, this is how one of the largest pages to access torrents in the world says goodbye.