Blue Origin Joins Pentagon Military Rocket Loading Program

Blue Origin joins the United States Army effort to use rockets to transport people and payloads.


Blue Origin has signed a cooperation agreement with the United States Army for the use of its rockets to transport payloads and people.

The United States Transportation Command (Transcom) announced that the company will be part of a research and development cooperation known as CRADA . 

US Transcom oversees global military logistics operations. In 2020, the command signed similar agreements with SpaceX and Exploration Architecture Corp. (XArc). Blue Origin , of Jeff Bezos , is the third company that cooperates with CRADA for loading rocket program.

More missions for Blue Origin

The Air Force in its budget proposal for fiscal year 2022 seeks to obtain US $ 47.9 million to carry out studies and demonstrations of rocket loading.

The Pentagon’s project is to use models and simulations to analyze the military utility, performance, and cost of transporting commercial rocket charges and payloads.

In March 2020, US Transcom signed a CRADA with SpaceX to investigate the company’s commercial space transportation capabilities to accelerate the global delivery of Defense Department materiel and personnel.