Blue Origin: See how the successful NS-19 suborbital mission was carried out with six travelers on board

Blue Origin has just made yet another successful business trip to low Earth orbit .

The NS-19 mission had six travelers on board for the first time.

Blue Origin’s NS-19 crew of six, including “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan , have reached Earth safely after the spacecraft descended on its parachutes.

Additionally, the New Shepard rocket managed to land vertically, as planned by the NS-19 mission team .

The crew landed in the desert near Van Horn, Texas. Family, friends, a Blue Origin team and the owner of the space company, Jeff Bezos , have welcomed the six members of NS-19 after their suborbital journey.

Commercial astronauts

Following the landing of the New Shepard spacecraft, Jeff Bezos proceeded to affix the Blue Origin astronaut badges to the six crew members of the NS-19 mission.

The capsule flew autonomously, without a pilot, and returned with the deceleration of three large parachutes. According to data revealed by Blue Origin, the mission lasted 10 minutes and 13 seconds with a maximum ascent speed of 3,611 km / h and the crew capsule reached a peak of 106 kilometers above ground level.