Blue Origin successfully sends six passengers on its fifth space tourism flight

Blue Origin ‘s NS-21 spacecraft has broken several milestones, including sending a Mexican -born woman into space for the first time.


Jeff Bezos ‘ aerospace company , Blue Origin , sent six people into suborbital space, achieving its fifth spaceflight mission, busting several myths in the process.

Launch preparations began at 9:25 am, when the New Shepard spacecraft blasted off from Launch Site One, Blue Origin’s facility in West Texas, about 25 miles from the town of Van Horn.

The entire mission ended just over 10 minutes later, when the New Shepard capsule and its six passengers landed by parachute in the Texas desert. During the flight, the crew reached a peak of 106 kilometers above ground level.

First Mexican woman in space

Crew member Katya Echazarreta , a 26-year-old science communicator, has become the first woman born in Mexico and the youngest American woman to reach space.

Echazarreta’s passage was sponsored by the non-profit organization Space for Humanity , which seeks to expand humanity’s access to space. The young Mexican is the first of Space for Humanity’s “citizen astronauts” to reach the last frontier.

The other passengers on NS-21 were production civil engineer Víctor Correa Hespanha , who is the second Brazilian to reach space; Jaison Robinson , co-founder of the company Dream Variations Ventures; Victor Vescovo , co-founder of private equity investment firm Insight Equity; and Hamish Harding , president of the Action Aviation company.

Like Echazarreta, Correa Hespanha traveled thanks to the sponsorship of the Crypto Space Agency. The rest of the NS-21 passengers apparently paid on their own, but it is unclear how much they had to fork out. Blue Origin has not disclosed the prices of its tickets.