BMW unveils technology for one-button color change of cars

BMW dared to innovate in the middle of CES 2022 .


BMW has unveiled at CES 2022 a unique technology that allows its cars to change their exterior color.

The ad doesn’t have much detail, but it is visually groundbreaking. To do this, he used an electric iX in which he exemplifies how he reacts.

The clip shows that the BMW iX appears in a simple shade of dark gray, but suddenly changes to white after a man standing next to the luxury electric SUV activates the system with a single button.

How does this color change technology work?

The sample video has been uploaded by a Twitter user present at the event in Las Vegas and notes that the paint is sensitive to temperature.

Automakers and technology companies routinely introduce innovative technologies and features at CES, and while many of them make it to market, many do not. It is unclear whether BMW intends to offer its customers the option of a color-changing paintwork like this or whether it has been developed exclusively as a technical prototype.