Boeing invests millions of dollars in the ‘startup’ of pilotless flying taxis launched by Larry Page, co-founder of Google

Boeing , the largest US airline , has invested $450 million in Wisk to build autonomous electric planes .


Aviation startup Wisk Aero has received a $450 million capital injection from Boeing to develop autonomous electric planes .

According to The Wall Street Journal , these pilotless flying vehicles are designed to move passengers around cities faster.  

Wisk reports that Boeing ‘s investment establishes it as one of the most highly funded advanced air mobility companies. The company was born in 2019 through a partnership between Boeing and Kitty Hawk Corporation.

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Kitty Hawk Corporation is an electric aircraft manufacturer started by Sebastian Thrun and Google co- founder Larry Page . 

In May 2021, Wisk signed its first agreement to operate air taxis in the United States . Wisk CEO Gary Gysin said in a statement:  “As we enter the next stage of our growth, this additional funding provides us with capital and allows us to remain focused on our core business and our number one priority, safety. “

Wisk’s sixth-generation eVTOL aircraft will be the first candidate for certification as  “an all-electric, autonomous passenger transport aircraft in the US.” , according to the statement.