Avatar: The Water Route was estimated to have grossed approximately $15.8M in international territories as of Wednesday, from 15 territories:


South Korea ($3.3M), France ($2.9M), Germany ($2.5M), Italy ($1.6M) and Indonesia ($0.8M).

Day One results are estimated to be 124% higher than Avatar , 70% higher than Top Gun: Maverick , and 13% higher than Jurassic World: Domination . While 12% lower than Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 23% lower than Spider-Man: No Way Home .

71% of European collections are derived from 3D/premium screens.

First data on Thursday

On its second day in theaters in South Korea, Avatar: Running Water grossed $2.6M, versus $3.3M for Spider-Man: No Way Home and $8.8M for Doctor Strange 2 , down 18.5% from yesterday the opening day.
The total after two days is $5.9M.

In China, where 73% of cinemas are open, forecasts for the weekend have narrowed considerably. Douban and Maoyan have not yet shared the public’s votes.

Box Office Dec 15: (figures updated as of midnight)
1. Avatar: The Waterway (Previews) ¥18.5M/$2.7M, Total: ¥36.5M/$5.2M
2. One Piece Film: Red¥2.7M/$0.4 M, Tot: ¥139.8M/$20M
3. The Tipping Point¥1.3M/$0.2M, Tot: ¥170.6M/$24.5M
4. Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween¥1.3M/$0.2M, Tot: ¥165.3 M/$23.7M
5. Home Coming¥0.9M/$0.1M, Total: ¥1591M/$228.3M

The film grossed ¥18.5M/$2.7M. The highest grossing Hollywood films at Friday midnight showings are: Avengers: Endgame ¥190.4M, Fast & Furious 8¥62.7M, F9 ¥60M ($9.25M).

Box office and pre-sales:
Wednesday (previews) ¥19.1M/$2.7M
Thursday (previews on 11700 screens) ¥18.5M/$2.7M
Friday (on 208k screens) $10.3M
Total pre-sales and previews $28.2M

Pre-sale estimates for opening day, Friday, are $10.3M. Considering that at the same point F9 grossed $17.2M to open with $136M while Godzilla vs Kong was at $7.5M to open with $69M, the film could open around $100M although it looks like the film will fail to reach that theshold.


Avatar: La via dell’acqua had got off to a very good start, but the World Cup semi-final featuring the French team, scheduled for 20.00 caused a collapse in ticket sales in the afternoon.
It is estimated that the film was seen by 250,000 spectators, better than Top Gun: Maverick (200,000 tickets) or Dying Can Wait (158,000 tickets). The first Avatar had attracted more than 320,000 viewers in 2009.

Disney has confirmed that official figures for the film won’t be shared until after the first weekend.