As per tradition Thanksgiving Day receipts are particularly low.


it is estimated that only $16.5M was collected. On the other hand, Black Friday is estimated to bring in $32.2M.

Meanwhile Black Panther: Wakanda Forever just passed the $600M mark at the worldwide box office. The film reached $321.8M domestically, yesterday grossing $8.1M (-19% from Wednesday). The third weekend’s cash is estimated to be between $55M-$60M.

From Monday to Thursday, it grossed $20M in more than 51 international territories, bringing the total to $279.2M. The main international markets are: UK ($28.9M), Mexico ($26.5M), France ($22.7M), Brazil ($15M), South Korea ($14.7M), Australia ($13.5M), Germany ($11.7M), Indonesia ($10.8M) and India ($9.9M).

The total global gross is $601M, the 10th highest grossing for a Hollywood film during the pandemic.

In second place we find Disney ‘s Strange World , which grossed just $2.5M on the second day (-41% compared to the $4.20M of the first day which also includes previews), for a total after two days of $6.7M. A particularly low figure compared to Encanto ‘s $5.8M Thanksgiving gross last year, the film opened with $7.5M nearly double that of Strange World .

This is also the studio’s first film to receive a B on CinemaScore , no Disney or Pixar film ever receiving a lower grade than A-.

Abroad, the situation seems worse: UK (6,000), France (directly on Disney+), Germany (3,000), Italy (4,000). In Japan it opened with $47k.

Exclusively premiering at three theater chains, Glass Onion – Knives Out grossed $1.88M yesterday from 638 theaters, -6% from Wednesday. In 3 days it should collect $8.8M, in 5 days $12.8M. On Rotten Tomatoes, the percentage of the audience vote is 94%. Rian Johnson ‘s film will be available on Netflix from December 23rd .

Top 10, Thanksgiving 2022

1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever : 4,258 (-138) theaters, Wed: $10M (+6%), Thu: $8.1M, Total (est.): $321.8M, 3-day (est.): $43M (-35% ); 5 days (estimate): $55M-$60M; Total (Estimate): $363.7M (Dis) Sept3
2. Strange World : 4,174 Theaters, Wed: $4.20M, Thurs: $2.5M, Total (Estimate): $6.70M, 3 Days (Estimate): $15.8M; 5 Days (Estimate): $20M-$23M (Dis) Sept1
3. Glass Onion – Knives Out : 638 Theaters, Wed: $2M, Thurs: $1.88M, 3 Days (Estimate): $8.8M; 5 days (estimate): $12.8M; (Netflix) Sept1
4. Devotion : 3,405 theaters, Wed: $1.80M, Thurs: $1.24M, Total (est.): $3.04M, 3-day (est.): $5.6M; 5 days (estimate): $9.1M; (Sony) Sept1
5. The Menu: 3,288 (+17) theaters, Wed: $1.10M, Thurs: $1.04M, Total (est.): $13.47M, 3-day (est.): $5M (-44%); 5 days (estimate): $7.1M; Total (est.): $18.4M (Sea) Sept2
6. Black Adams : 2,847 (-525) theaters, Merc: $660k (-4%), Thu: $600k, Total (est.): $159.62M, 3 days (est. ): $3.2M (-30%); 5 days (estimate): $4.5M; Total (est.): $162.8M (NL) Sept6
7. Bones and All : 2,727 (+2,722) theaters, Wed: $921k (+8671%), Thu: $436k, Total (est.): $1.50M, 3 days ( estimate): $1.9M (+1488%); 5 days (estimate): $3.2M; Total (est.): $3.4M (UAR) Sept2
8. The Fabelmans : 638 (+634) theaters, Merc: $400k (+4201%), Thu: $480k, 3 days (est.): $2.2M (+2374% ); 5 days (estimate): $3M; Total (estimate): $3.4M (Uni/Amb) Sept3
9. Ticket to Paradise : 2,238 (-1030) theaters, Merc: $330K (-33%), Thu: $450K, 3 day (estimate): $2.1M (-31%); 5 days (estimate): $2.97M; Total (est.): $65.4M (Uni) Sept6
10. The Chosen: season 3 : 609 (-1,430) theaters, Merc: $341k (-70%), Thurs: $282k, Total (est.): $11.86M, 3 days (estimate): $1.1M (-87%); 5 days (estimate): $1.77M; Total (Estimate): $12.97M (Fath) Sept2

She Said : 2,022 theaters, Wed: $220mils, Thurs: $200k, 3 days (est.): $1.01M (-54%); 5 days (estimate): $1.44M; Total (estimate): $4.2M (Uni) Sept2