On day one in international territories, Wednesday, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness grossed $ 27.2M in 20 international territories.


That is -4% compared to Spider-Man: No Way Home , + 153% compared to Doctor Strange released in 2016, and + 210% compared to The Batman .

The film has been present in 24 other territories since yesterday, for a total of 44, where it has grossed $ 85.7M after two days. Compared to Spider-Man: No Way Home ($ 114.2M) Raimi ‘s film records -12%, + 172% compared to Doctor Strange and + 197% compared to The Batman .

The main international territories are: South Korea $ 14.7M, Mexico $ 8.0M, UK $ 6.0M, Japan $ 5.3M, Brazil $ 5.1M, France $ 4.5M, Australia $ 4M, Italy $ 3.3M, Germany $ 2.9M and Malaysia $ 2.8M.

Combined with the US premieres ($ 36M) the global gross up to Thursday May 5th rises to $ 121.7M and we are just at the beginning of the weekend.

With premieres on Thursday in the UK, the film grossed $ 6M, more than No Time to Die . Doctor Strange (2016) had grossed £ 3.79m in the three days of previews. This is the highest grossing Thursday in the UK, during the pandemic, the film garnered 83% market share.

In Latin America, opening day entered the all-time Top 10 of the best debuts in several territories, including: Brazil ($ 5.1M second-best opening during the pandemic, sixth all-time, 93% share); in Mexico (second best opening during the pandemic, the ninth ever, 90% share); Ecuador, Central America and Peru.

It opened at # 1 in Indonesia with 99% market share, with $ 1.6M. In Australia it was the second best opening, $ 4M, during the pandemic with a market share of 83%.


In IMAX theaters the film grossed $ 5M from 300 screens in two days, opening day records were recorded in: United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, where it surpassed Avengers: Endgame , Indonesia where it surpassed Wonder Woman and in Japan.

In South Korea it recorded the third best opening ever in the IMAX format, while yesterday the highest grossing ever on Thursday (+ 16% compared to the day before) and the best total on Wednesday and Thursday, surpassing both Endgame that Infinity War .

We remind you that the film will not be distributed in China, Russia and in some territories of the Middle East.

Asian territories (Friday takings)

In South Korea, the film grossed $ 4.7M today (-47% from yesterday), for a total of $ 19.4M in three days, at the same point No way Home grossed $ 3.6M for a total of $ 12.1M.

In three days Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness became the highest grossing film of 2022 and the eighth highest grossing during the pandemic.

In Japan, the film returned to first place, yesterday it dropped to second behind Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween . It grossed $ 1.3M (-44% from yesterday, the last day of Golden Week), for a total of $ 7.4M in three days. Conan grossed $ 850k on his third Friday, (-66%), for a total of $ 51.7M.

Here are the estimates:
1 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $ 1.3M / $ 7.4M
2 Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween $ 850k / $ 51.65M
3 Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets $ 380k / $ 31.13M
4 Lesson In Murder $ 380,000 (N)
5 Radiation House $ 240,000 / 4.54M
7 Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden $ 139,000 / $ 10.64M
9 Sing 2 $ 50,000 / $ 25.9M

In Lesson In Murder , director Kazuya Shiraishi (The Blood of the Wolves / Last of the Wolves) teams up with screenwriter Sadao Abe (Eyes of the Spider) for a thriller about a serial killer.