Unlike the 2016 film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness received simultaneous global distribution in all international territories.


The Asian territories closed on the first day of collection and the first estimates have arrived.


The day opened with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in the lead, but the film was surpassed in the early afternoon by Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween , only to return to the top in the evening.

Wednesday 4 May: Greenery Day-National Holiday, Toho Cinema Discount Day, Ladies’ Day (estimates)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (N) ¥ 480M ($ 3.7M), 0, ¥ 480M ($ 3.7M),
Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween ¥ 390M ($ 3.0M), + 238%, ¥ 6.176 billion ($ 48.2M) (20 days)
Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets ¥ 150M ($ 1.2M), + 171%, ¥ 3.769 billion ($ 29.9M) (27 days)
Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden   ¥ 145M ($ 1.1M), +767 %, ¥ 1.175 billion ($ 9.2M) (12 days)
Radiation House   ¥ 80M ($ 615,000), 0, ¥ 460M ($ 3.5M) (6 days)
Sing 2   ¥ 40M ($ 305,000), + 368%, ¥ 3,119 billion ($ 25.3 M), (48 days)
XxxHolic ¥ 40M ($ 305,000), 0, ¥ 290M ($ 2.3M), (6 days)
Free! the Final Stroke Part 2 ¥ 17M ($ 130,000), + 15%, ¥ 469M ($ 3.6M), (12 days)
Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021 ¥ 16M ($ 125,000), + 1.152%, ¥ 2.594 billion ($ 21.6M), (Days 62)
Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie ¥ 15M ($ 115,000), + 292%, ¥ 13.582 billion ($ 121.0M ), (Days 132)

According to estimates, Doctor Strange 2 grossed Ұ470 million, ousting Detective Conan who has remained firmly in first place for the past two weeks. If confirmed, it will be the highest opening day for a Western film during the pandemic. Recall that ‘the record’ is currently held by Spider-Man: No Way Home with Ұ462 million.

We remember that we are in the middle of Golden Week , Tuesday was a national holiday (Constitution Memorial Day-National Holiday); Wednesday in addition to the national holiday (Greenery Day-National) there are discounted tickets for women and Toho Cinema Discount Day; tomorrow is the last day of the GW and again a National Holiday (Children’s Day-National Holiday).

April 29 – May 1

01 (01) Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween Ұ 734,809,250 (-17.9%), Ұ 5,230,824,750, tickets: 3,732,000 (Toho) Sept3
02 (03) Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden Ұ 284.281.300, Ұ 872.403.450, tickets: 730.000 (Toho) Sept.
2 03 (02) Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets Ұ 280.986.230, Ұ 3.383.737.830, tickets: 2.28 million (Warner Bros) Sept.
04 ( N) Radiation House Ұ 155.248.800, Ұ 253.906.400, (Toho) Sept1
05 (04) Free! the Final Stroke Part 2 Ұ 128.055.740, Ұ 417.000.580, tickets: 2.049.934 (Shochiku) Sept2
06 (N) XxxHolic Ұ 87.978.230, Ұ 188.121.550, (Shochiku) Sept1
07 (05)Sing 2 Ұ 81.126.730, Ұ, tickets: 2.414.614 (Toho Towa) Sep 7
08 (N) Seventeen Power Of Love: The Movie Ұ 39.332.700, Ұ 84.216.000, (Avex Entertainment) Sep 1
09 ( 08) Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021 Ұ 34.522.900, Ұ 2.558.009.800, tickets: 2.14 million (Toho) Sett9
10 (07) The Last 10 Years Ұ 26.862.980, Ұ2.861.345.190, tickets: 2,258,111 (Warner Bros.) Sept. 9

The estimated cumulative takings of the 25 Detective Conan films , up to May 1, are Ұ100.49 billion. If we include Detective Conan: The Scarlet Alibi and Lupine the Third vs Detective Conan , the figure rises to Ұ105.99 billion.

The second part of Free! the Final Stroke has already passed the Ұ400 million mark in its second week, the film is featured in 184 cinemas. Depending on how GW ends, it could break the franchise’s record of Ұ700 million.

Sing 2 has finally crossed the Ұ3 billion mark, the dubbed version of the film is doing very well, and we can see the familiars returning to the cinema. Although the Japanese market has still recovered from last year, children’s films and Western titles were still struggling to return to pre-pandemic figures, but we can see a recovery in recent weeks.

Coda went from 272 to 127 theaters in its 15th week, with grossing Ұ617,012,080. In its 37th week in theaters , Drive My Car crossed the Ұ1.3 billion mark at the box office, grossing Ұ1,322,842,710. The number of rooms decreased from 283 to 188.

In its 19th weekend Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie grossed Ұ22.01 million, recording a 10% increase, for a total of Ұ13,547,869,790. The film started GW with a slight increase in theaters, 368, we’ll see if the holidays help the film cross the 13.70 billion mark, taking the film to 14th place on the best grossing chart ever, ahead of L last Samurai .

After 23 weeks ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 × 20FILM Record of Memories , present in just 10 theaters, grossed Ұ4.682.486.150 yen, exceeding the Ұ4.55 billion announced by Eiren (the association of Japanese film producers) at the close of the receipts of 2021.

Asian territories

In South Korea, the Marvel Studios film took first place, grossing $ 5.8M and surpassing Spider-Man: No Way Home ($ 5.4M). Word of mouth is very good, 91% on CGV similar to A- on Cinemascore. Here, too, the film opened on a national holiday.

Hong Kong – $ 0.6M / HK $ 5.1M, No Way Home HK $ 9.1M
Vietnam – $ 0.8M
Taiwan NT $ 16.4M -60% vs No Way Home NT $ 39.8M
Singapore SG $ 671K No Way Home SG $ 719K
Malaysia MYR 3.1M No Way Home MYR 4.1M
Australia A $ 2.69M -80% vs No Way Home A $ 8.72M
New Zealand NZ $ 449K No Way Home NZ $ 1M