In its fifth weekend Spider-Man: No Way Home surpassed $ 900M at the international box office.


Thanks to the $ 33.4M grossed in 63 territories it brought the total to $ 926.3M for a global total of $ 1.625 billion.

The main territories are: UK – $ 112.1M; Mexico – $ 72.0M; South Korea – $ 58.5M; France – $ 58.0M; Australia – $ 50.6M and
Brazil – $ 50.4M.

In the UK it remains in first place with £ 3.2M / £ 84.1M (-29%), followed by Scream £ 2.5M. On the list of the most successful films of all time the film climbed to seventh place with £ 84.1M, surpassing The Last Jedi (£ 82.6M), soon surpassing Avengers: Endgame (£ 88.7M) as well.

Despite the result, the global ranking remains unchanged compared to a week ago, with No Way Home still in eighth position. It is expected to overtake The Lion King ($ 1.66 billion) in 7th place and Jurassic World ($ 1.67 billion) in sixth place soon.

It also surpassed $ 100M worldwide with the IMAX format, an estimated $ 101.2M to date. Only 11 titles have reached this milestone. Internationally, IMAX takings totaled $ 40.7M.

Sony ‘s film became the most successful film ever in Mexico ($ 72M) and the second best film ever in Brazil (BRL284M / $ 50.4M) behind Endgame (BRL353.2M / $ 82.9M), Central America ($ 12.6 M) and Ecuador ($ 7.9M). Also in terms of tickets sold, the film is in fourth place with 15.5M, and is preparing to surpass The Lion King (16.3M).

The film has yet to debut in Slovenia (January 20) and Norway (January 21). Globally, he won’t have much competition in the coming weeks until Roland Emmerich ‘s Moonfall debut , slated for February 3.

For the moment the film does not yet have a Chinese date.

Sing 2

The Universal / Illumination film topped $ 200M this weekend at the global box office this weekend. The film grossed $ 8.4M in 54 territories, bringing the international total to $ 96.3M and the worldwide total to $ 215.7M.

The main territories are: South Korea ($ 1.2M), France ($ 986,000) and Australia ($ 875,000). In Thailand, the film opened with $ 51,000.

The film reached $ 16.6M in France, $ 11.3M in Russia, $ 10.8M in Mexico, $ 9.8M in Australia and $ 6.7M in Spain. The film will open shortly in Germany (January 20), Japan and the UK / Ireland (January 28).

Today it will surpass The Croods 2 and become the highest-grossing Hollywood animated film during the pandemic.


Sunday ended with Embrace Again taking first place at the Chinese box office. In second place is Matrix Resurrections which grossed $ 7.5m in its first weekend.

Paw Patrol: The film closed its first weekend with $ 3.6m, bringing international gross to $ 95.1M and global grossing to $ 135M.

China Box Office 2022.01.16

Embrace Again¥ 15.4M / $ 2.4M, Tot: ¥ 809.4M / $ 127.5M
Matrix Resurrections¥ 11.7M / $ 1.8M, Tot: ¥ 47.6M / $
7.5M GStorm¥ 9.8M / $ 1.5M, Tot: ¥ 543.6M / $ 85.6M
Another Me¥ 9.5M / $ 1.5M, Tot: ¥ 379.3M / $ 59.7M
Fireflies in the Sun¥ 9.2M / $ 1.4M, Tot: ¥ 1013M / $ 159.5M

Compared to last year, the collection is 15% lower.

South Korea

Spider-Man: No Way Home remained in # 1 for the fifth consecutive week, with $ 1.48M, occupying 25% of the market. The total went up to $ 58.2M.
According to the Korean crime drama Special Delivery with $ 1.33M over the weekend from 992 screens and $ 1.88M over 5 days of opening. Third Sing 2 with $ 1.07M in the second weekend, totaling $ 3.85M.

Total weekend takings are $ 5.99M, down from the first weekend of the year ($ 7.40M).


In Japan Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie grossed ¥ 8,576,429,150 ($ 74.9M) and sold 6,288,404 tickets in 24 days.

The film ranks after the weekend in 64th place in the Top 100 of the best results ever, behind The Matrix and ahead of Rookies the Movie: Graduation, Back to the Future Part III, Shin Godzilla and Stand By Me Doraemon .


The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Hero was viewed by 331,000 between Saturday and Sunday and grossed ¥ 471M. In three days it sold 417,000 tickets and grossed 590M.

Spider-Man: No Way Home sold 272,000 tickets and grossed ¥ 426M between Saturday and Sunday. Until January 16, the total is 1.67 million tickets and ¥ 2.5 billion. 99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Movie was seen by 1.64 million viewers and grossed over ¥ 2.1 billion.

With one million grossing in Japan, House Of Gucci brought last weekend’s global gross to $ 4.9M, for a total of $ 122.5M.


The King’s Man made it to Russia where it opened in first place with $ 2.2N and in Ukraine, again first, with $ 800,000.

January 15
1 The King’s Man $ 700,000 / $ 1,5M
2 The Last Warrior: A Messenger of Darkness $ 500,000 / $ 28M
3 Scream $ 450,000 / $ 900,000
4 Spider-Man: No Way Home $ 360,000 / $ 42.6M
5 Sing 2 $ 280 thousand / $ 10.3M