Friday’s estimates are arriving at the American Box Office, and No Time To Die the latest James Bond installment starring Daniel Craig grossed $ 23.3M, including previews on Thursday (from 4pm) and Wednesday screenings in IMAX.

According to data provided by Screen Engine , 37% of the audience on Friday was made up of people over 45, while in the case of Specter it was only 29%. No Time To Die seems to have no hold in the young American audience. The film was awarded A- on CinemaScore .
In 2012 Skyfall opened with $ 32.7M (including $ 4.6M of Thursday previews that started at midnight and IMAX screenings on Wednesday) while in 2015 Specter  grossed $ 27.4M (including $ 5.25M of Thursday previews that started at 7pm).

Analysts speculate that the film could end its first weekend with $ 55-60M.

In South Korea No Time To Die has grossed $ 704 thousand today, after 11 days the total collection is $ 7.18M (-46.6% compared to last Saturday). At the same time Shang-Chi had grossed $ 1.13M (-45% from last Saturday), for a total of $ 9.6M. The final proceeds are $ 14.7M.
At the same time, Black Widow grossed $ 1.71M for a total of $ 17.54M (-56% from last Saturday). The final payout is $ 26.1M.

Top USA:

No Time To Die : $ 23.3M
Venom: Carnage’s Fury : $ 8.85M / $ 118.52M Total
The Addams Family 2 : $ 2.773M / $ 23.89M
Shang-Chi : $ 1.17M / $ 209.43M
The Many Saints of New Jersey : $ 400k / $ 6.36 M
Lamb : $ 415 thousand

Venom: Carnage’s Fury drops 76% on its second Friday, grossing $ 8.85M from 4,225 theaters, for a total of $ 118.52M. On its second Friday, Venom grossed $ 9.8M and hit $ 116.9M. The sequel is expected to wrap up the weekend with around $ 31M (-65%) and a total gross of $ 141M.

It also broke the $ 100M mark in just five days, like Shang-Chi but without being able to count on party days unlike the Marvel Studios film benefited from Labor Day Monday.

The Addams 2 family grossed $ 2.77M from 4,207 theaters, the estimated total is $ 23.90M.

In its sixth Friday Shang-Chi grossed $ 1.17M from 2,800 sale, -28% despite losing 645 sale this weekend, the total takings amounted to $ 209.43M.

Indie film Lamb has grossed $ 415k from 583 screens (including previews on Thursday), reviews are not as good as word of mouth. It should finish the week in the Top 10.

Free Guy takes home $ 350,000 from 1,495 screens, for a total of $ 118.73M. Dear Evan Hansen instead, $ 290 thousand from 1,927 cinemas, for a total of $ 12,996M. Finally Candyman recorded an estimated $ 210,000 from 1,153 screens, for a total of $ 59.58M.