With $ 20.60M (-67.5% versus last week, + 2% versus Wednesday) from 4,336 cinemas.

Spider-Man: No Way Home gets the second-best gross for December 30th and the second-best takeaway for a Thursday, ever.

Jon Watts’ film continues to climb the list of the highest grossing films ever, at the American box office. It records its third-best gross in 14 weeks, falling behind Avengers: Endgame ($ 660.4M) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 652M). The film is now in 11th place with $ 557.19M after two weeks in theaters, surpassing The Lion King (2019) with $ 543.6M.

As we already said a few days ago, the decline is particularly high due to the low income on Christmas Eve, last Friday. The decline for the second week is in line with that of The Last Jedi (68%) released in 2017 (the eve was on Sunday) and not much higher than Rogue One (-59%, in 2016 the eve was on a Saturday) .

For the third weekend the drop should be less hefty -40% for $ 50M takings from 4,206 sale, despite tonight being New Years Eve. Total takings are expected to rise to $ 607.2M.

The rest of the box office

Sing 2 grossed $ 7.75M from 3,892 theaters, + 3% from Wednesday for a total of $ 70M in 9 days. The first film that opened on the Wednesday before Christmas in 2017 was up + 22% in its second weekend with $ 42.8M. He’s $ 20M short to get past Encanto’s takings.

Meanwhile, Encanto surpassed $ 200M at the global box office on Wednesday. Revenue through December 29 is: $ 89.8M (US), International ($ 110.9M), Global ($ 200.7M).

In third place The King’s Man with $ 1.37M (+ 10% compared to Wednesday) for a total of $ 14.9M. A 25% -30% decline is expected for the second weekend which will continue to have 3,180 theaters.

Matrix Resurrections received an uninspiring reception on HBO Max , in its second weekend it will gross $ 12M. Lana Wachowski’s filmgrossed $ 1.3M in its fourth Thursday in 3,552 theaters, up 2% from Wednesday for a total of $ 27.1M in 9 days.

American Underdog takes home $ 1.3M (+ 11% from Wednesday), for a total of $ 10.9M in 6 days from 2,813 theaters. Ghostbusters: Legacy grossed $ 400k on its sixth Thursday (-7% from last week) for a total of $ 121.96M, beating Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds (121.6M).

Finally, A Journal for Jordan yesterday grossed $ 333,000 from 2,500 theaters for a total of $ 3.57M.