Thanks to previews held between Tuesday (sold out) and Wednesday night in 350 IMAX theaters.


The Batman has grossed $ 4M. Added to these are the $ 17.6M grossed from the projections held after 3pm on Thursday, which brought the total to $ 21.6 million. This is the second best grossing at previews during the pandemic.

The weekend projections are for between $ 115M and $ 125M.

This is the third best preview result, for a DC movie, and the second best for a lone Batman movie . Ahead are The Dark Knight Rises ($ 30.6M) and Batman v. Superman ($ 27.7M).

Other Batman movies grossed at premieres: The Dark Knight ($ 18M), Joker ($ 13.3M), and Justice League ($ 13M). Suicide Squad grossed ($ 20.5M) in 2016 on a regular Thursday while Venom 2 grossed $ 11.6M.

During the Hero Nation podcast it was revealed that Warner Bros has grossed $ 50M in pre-sales until Thursday. Since Friday, the film has appeared in 4,217 theaters.

The rest of the Box Office

Sony ‘s Uncharted grossed $ 1.09M (-53% from last week) from 4,275 screens, ending the second week with $ 29.1M for a total of $ 89.2M.

Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed $ 470k on its 11th Thursday, -20% from last week, for a total of $ 782.1M.

MGM / UAR’s Dog grossed $ 640k, in its second week it took home $ 13.2M for a total of $ 33.9M.

The Batman abroad

In South Korea the film continues to remain in first place, the film today grossed $ 346,339 (+ 35%) from 2,241 bringing the total after 4 days to $ 2,582,787, selling 39,232 tickets for a total of 307,149. The percentage of revenue is 65.63%.

In second place remains Jujutsu Kaisen 0 with $ 50,474 ($ 2,769,169), tickets: 5,740 (337,099), percentage of revenue: 9.56%, third Uncharted : $ 45,060 ($ 5,262,578), tickets: 5,475 (656,276), percentage of revenue: 8.53%.

In France, the film opened Wednesday night with $ 1.4M, with previews totaling $ 2.1M and 257,000 admissions (including 87,000 previews), occupying 38% of the market share.
This is the best opening of the year and, during the pandemic, for a Warner film. We are on par with The Dark Knight, + 42% compared to Dune and + 72% compared to Aquaman . It grossed $ 2.1M on Thursday, the total after two days is $ 2.9M.

The Batman opened in Sweden this Wednesday with $ 414k, + 28% over The Dark Knight and more than double the Dune .

The film covered 91% of the market in Indonesia on Wednesday with $ 362,000, the study’s best result during the pandemic.

Finally, in Belgium it grossed $ 193,000, PLF screens accounted for 42%. Here, too, the figures are on par with The Dark Knight , + 42% compared to Dune .

On Thursday in Taiwan, the film debuted in first place with $ 300,000, followed by Jujutsu Kaisen 0 with $ 200,000 with a total of $ 4.22M.

In Brazil, the film grossed $ 1.5M on Thursday, the total after two days is $ 2.5M.