With previews yesterday, starting at 4PM in 3,400 US theaters.


The Lost City grossed $ 2.5M. The figure does not take into account Tuesday and Wednesday previews of $ 750k, for a total of $ 3.25M.

Bullock’s film topped the premieres of Free Guy ($ 2.2M) which opened with $ 10.4M, $ 28.3M weekend. The actress’s last previous all-star film was Ocean’s Eight , which grossed $ 4M from premieres, opening $ 15.5M, and weekends $ 41.6M.

The Lost City is expected to earn between $ 25M and $ 30M in the first weekend in 4,248 theaters. On Rotten Tomatoes the opinion of the critics is 75% positive.

The other new feature of the week, Indian film RRR grossed more than $ 3M on its first day (ticket prices are higher than average, $ 25-43) in 1,000 theaters, more than 5,000 screens in 5 languages. The film has already passed $ 4.50M at 11:45 AM PST on Friday (including previews), this is the largest opening for an Indian film. It should be cashing in between $ 12- $ 15M over the weekend.

In the UK, the film took second place on Thursday, behind The Batman , grossing £ 240,000, just £ 50,000 less than Matt Reeves ‘ film , on almost 1/6 of the screens.

The Batman between USA and China

It closed its third weekend with $ 48.1M for a total of $ 311.45M across 4,302 screens, surpassing Return of the Jedi and Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End . On its 21st day in theaters, it grossed $ 2.46M (-13% from Wednesday, -51% from last week).

Tonight he will surpass the grosses of Iron Man 2 ($ 312.4M) and Thor Ragnarok ($ 315.6M) to place 80th of the highest-grossing films ever in the US. It is expected to gross $ 20M in the fourth weekend.

On its second Friday in China, the film grossed ¥ 4.3M / $ 700k from 31,942 screens (-82% from last week), for a total of ¥ 97.9M / $ 11.7M . In third place Uncharted with ¥ 2M / $ 315 thousand from 20,906 rises, (-61% compared to last week) for a total of ¥ 77.3M / $ 15.4M.

In first place Moonfall with ¥ 17.2M / $  2.7M from 52,811 theaters, the film received 8.6 on Maoyan.

The other films

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 finished the first week with $ 23.1M in 2,286 theaters. It grossed $ 1M on Thursday (-15% from Wednesday). In its fifth weekend , Uncharted grossed $ 10.6M, of which $ 607,000 on Thursday (-13% from Wednesday, -42% from last week), totaling $ 128.55M. Tonight it will exceed the takings of Ghostbusters: Legacy .

A24’s X closed the first weekend with $ 6.07M, yesterday grossing $ 401k. Dog with Channing Tatum took home $ 348 thousand (-14% compared to Wednesday, -37% compared to last week) on Friday; $ 5.6M in its fifth weekend, the total is $ 55.77M. Having surpassed the total gross of House of Gucci , it has now reached The Suicide Squad ($ 55.8M).

Spider-Man: No Way Home is only $ 1.4M left to surpass $ 800M at the US box office, making it the third title to achieve this. In its fourteenth weekend it grossed $ 4.2M, of which $ 256k on Thursday (-6% from Wednesday, -42% from last week), the total gross is $ 798.59M.