The global cashout in just five days is $ 600.8M.

Even in the international territories Spider-Man: No Way Home surpassed estimates, the film grossed $ 340.8M instead of the expected $ 334.2M. 

The markets where it achieved the highest grossing are: US / Canada $ 260M; UK $ 42.3M (4th best result ever); Mexico $ 33.3M (best result ever); South Korea $ 23.6M; France $ 19.2M; Australia $ 18.8M (3rd best result ever); Brazil $ 18.6M (2nd best result ever); India $ 18.2M (2nd best ever for a Hollywood movie); Russia $ 17.9M (5th best result ever); Italy $ 13M; Germany $ 11.4M.

IMAX takings of Spider-Man: No Way Home , estimated through Sunday: US: $ 22.0M, international: $ 14.2M, global: $ 36.2M.

In Japan the film will arrive on January 7, remember that Spider-Man is the most successful superhero franchise in the Rising Sun.

Top 10 global first weekend:

Avengers: Endgame $ 1.22 billion
Avengers: Infinity War $ 640.5M
Spider-Man: No Way Home⁠ ⁠ $ 600.8M
Fast & Furious 8 $ 541.9M
Star Wars: The Force Awakens $ 529M
Jurassic World $ 525.5M
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 $ 483.2M
Captain Marvel $ 456.7M
Star Wars: The Last Jedi $ 450.8M
Batman V Superman $ 422.5M

Top 10 global grosses during the pandemic

The Battle at Lake Changjin $ 907.5M (China)
Hi Mom $ 822M (China)
No Time To Die $ 774M (USA)
F9 $ 726.2M (USA)
Detective Chinatown 3 $ 688M (China)
Spider-Man: No Way Home $ 587.2M ( USA)
Demon Slayer $ 503.1M (JPN)
Venom 2 $ 498.1M (USA)
Godzilla vs Kong $ 467.9M (USA)
The Eight Hundred $ 461.2M (China)

Top 10 global grosses during the pandemic (Hollywood movies)

No Time To Die $ 774M
F9 $ 726.2M
Spider-Man: No Way Home $ 587.2M
Venom 2 $ 498.1M
Godzilla vs Kong $ 467.9M
Shang-Chi $ 432.2M
Eternals ⁠ ⁠ $ 399.7M
Dune⁠ $ 393.2M
Black Widow $ 379.6M
TENET $ 363.7M

The other titles

Matrix Resurrections opened in seven international territories with $ 9.1M from 3,303 screens. Russia RBL 290M / $ 3.9M; Japan ¥ 440.1M / $ 3.9M; Thailand Baht 26.5M / $ 794 thousand; Kazakhstan KZT 140.3M / $ 323 thousand; Belarus BYR 491 thousand / $ 195 thousand

In its thirteenth week, Venom: Carnage ‘s Fury is about to break the $ 500M mark at the global box office, without a distribution in China. US: $ 212.4M, international: $ 285.7M, global: $ 498.1M.

Encanto is doing very well in Latin America, in Colombia it grossed $ 9.0M the second best opening ever for an animated feature film. The film recorded the highest grossing during the pandemic.

It grossed $ 94M from international markets and $ 175.5M at the global box office, outperforming the entire global run of Peter Rabbit 2, Space Jam 2, Wonder Woman 84 and The Suicide Squad .

France $ 11.3M; Colombia: $ 9.0M; UK: $ 6.3M; Spain: $ 6.2M; Japan: $ 5.4M; Russia: $ 5.2M; Italy: $ 5.0M; South Korea: $ 4.7M; Mexico: $ 4.6M; Brazil: $ 3.1M.

House Of Gucci broke the $ 100M threshold at the global box office: US $ 44.8M in its fourth weekend, International: $ 61.3M and global: $ 106.1M.

The most important collections were recorded in: UK $ 10.7M; Russia $ 7.5M; Germany $ 5.6M; France $ 5.1M; Spain $ 3.3M and Mexico $ 3.0M.