Bradley Cooper will play Frank Bullitt.


The film directed by Steven Spielberg and focused on the famous policeman played by Steve McQueen in the classic Bullitt .

As already mentioned in the past , this film will not be a remake of Peter Yates , but a new original adventure of the character.

The film will be produced by Cooper, Spielberg and Spielberg’s partner, Kristie Macosko Krieger . The three previously co-produced Maestro , a Leonard Bernstein biopic written, directed by and starring Cooper.

Although Bradley Cooper has only now signed on to play Bullitt, he and Steven Spielberg have been discussing it for some time, since the lockdown. Spielberg and Cooper have been trying to work together on a film for years. Spielberg had almost directed the actor in American Sniper (eventually directed by Clint Eastwood ) and in Maestro . before being struck by A Star Is Born and proposing to Cooper to direct the film himself.

Bullitt will be written by Josh Singer ( Spotlight, The Post ), while Steve McQueen’s son and granddaughter, Chad and  Molly McQueen , will executive produce.


At the center of the original film, released in 1968, was Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco cop who is assigned to protect a man who is expected to testify against the mob. When he is killed by two hitmen, Bullitt hides the body and continues the investigation, discovering that not everything is what it seems.

The film is famous for one of the best chases in the history of cinema, in which Bullitt escapes an ambush in his Ford Mustang. It will be interesting to see how Spielberg handles the material: Spielberg has never directed a pure crime drama, other than Minority Report and Munich .

The Fabelmans

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