Brendan Fraser always looks back fondly on the saga of The Mummy , so much so that he would even be willing to return to the role of Rick O’Connell ,

the irresistible adventurer of that franchise. The actor, in the midst of an artistic and personal renaissance, moved everyone with his astonishing performance in The Whale , but he doesn’t forget his roots: between one award ceremony and another, he found the time to visit the audience at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, where The Mummy and The Mummy Returns were screened in 35mm.

Fraser took to the stage in a Rick O’Connell costume , to cheer by cheering spectators. In his speech, he emphasized that during filming no one had any idea what the film would look like: a drama, a comedy, an action story, a horror, a romantic film, or all of these genres together. Furthermore, the actor recalled the saga’s ties to the UK, given that much of the filming took place at Shepperton Studios, and the first test screenings were in front of a British audience.

You can watch the video below, published by the official cinema channel.

Fraser at the Prince Charles Cinema

The rebirth of Brendan Fraser

As we know, Fraser has returned from difficult years: his body has been affected by the numerous stunts he practiced in action films, forcing him to undergo various surgeries; while the allegations of sexual harassment against Philip Berk, former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, have had serious repercussions on his career. Marginalized by the film industry, the actor suffered from depression following his divorce and the death of his mother. The last two or three years, however, have sanctioned his return to the scene, brought to fruition by the success of The Whale .