Camila Cabello sings Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz in Cinderella – watch video

Camila Cabello deals with Norwegian music in her first leading role 🇳🇴

Specifically, All of Norway’s Nico & Vinz and their certified smash “Am & Wrong” <3

Back in 2014, the Holmlia / Lambertseter duo unbelievably stood for one of the hottest summer hits on the planet.

After capturing the homeland, Nico & Vinz slowly but surely climbed to fourth place on the American hit list Billboard Hot 100, a feat beaten only by a-ha and “Take On Me”‘s the first place from 1985.

“Am I Wrong”, written by Nico Sereba, Vincent Dery and producer William Wiik Larsen, alias Nasty Kutt / Will IDAP, thus entered the history of music with what is still one of the most significant national troubles in Norwegian history.

Seven years later, “Am I Wrong” is still alive and well.

Now the banger gets a solid comeback via one of the world’s most prominent pop artists.

The streaming service Amazon Prime Video is investing heavily in its new recording of Cinderella with Camila Cabello.

Yes, just like with Astrid S and the new Three Nuts for Cinderella, the Americans have gone for a pop star who makes her film debut in the lead role.

In the new version of the classic Charles Perrault story, the 24-year-old Cuban-American singer plays a young, ambitious woman with bigger dreams than the world will allow her.

She dreams of becoming a fashion designer – who makes Disney-like Cinderella clothes 🙂

Prime Video now has over 200 million subscribers worldwide, thus breathing down the competitor Netflix.

Despite lukewarm criticism :

Some of these millions will now see Camila Cabello (and co-stars Idina Menzel and Nicholas Galitzine) sing “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz <3

Not entirely wrong this? Watch Camila Cabello play Norwegian here: