The Hollywood Reporter reports that Marvel Studios have found the director of Captain America 4 , a working title that indicates the first chapter of the saga with Anthony Mackie in the role of Cap .


Well, the film will be directed by Julius Onah , a Nigerian filmmaker (but raised in the United States) who directed The Girl Is in Trouble , The Cloverfield Paradox and Luce .

The information on this cinecomic is almost non-existent, but we can imagine it will start from the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , when Sam Wilson has finally embraced the legacy of Captain America , donned his new costume and stopped the Flagbreakers with help . by Bucky and John Walker . We do not know if the latter will appear in the film, nor if he will return Power Broker . As for Walker , at the end of the series we saw him in the black uniform of the US Agent , thanks to the intervention of the Countess Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine: he looks forward to a future in the Thunderbolts , probably.

We don’t know if we’ll see Chris Evans again , whose Steve Rogers – now very old – is presumed to still be alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . The actor, however, said he was reluctant to play the character again.

The script of Captain America 4

The script for Captain America 4 is the work of Malcolm Spellman – head writer and creator of  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – along with  Dalan Musson , one of the screenwriters of the series. The latter is available on Disney + .

We will keep you posted.