Care your skin! This application allows you to know the level of UV radiation

In the summer months , we can use this application to find out the intensity of radiation in our area.


Ultraviolet radiation is a constant concern, and despite being a factor of concern throughout the year, it is in summer that the level of caution and care is raised. However, identifying the intensity of radiation in the places we frequent is important to establish better care.

To help us take care of our skin in different conditions, there is an application that we recommend you use . It’s called UV Lens, and it allows you to set up an efficient routine to protect our skin. To use it, your phone does not need special hardware, as an Internet connection is only required to download the weather forecast.

By opening the application, available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store , we will be able to identify our area using GPS. The general report is designed like a clock, which allows us to see the hours of highest and lowest level of UV radiation.   At the top of the screen, the application warns us of the time with the highest radiation intensity; while in the circle we see a range of colors that go from aqua green to purple, representing the minimum and maximum degrees of radiation respectively.

Inside the circle there are 5 flares, which indicate the radiation level per hour . If all five flares light up purple, the intensity of the radiation is extreme , so our protection must be stronger

The application includes a system for personalizing our skin tone, to really know to what extent radiation can affect us. In the “My Skin” section, we can configure our eye color, skin tone, hair color and other physical parameters. In addition, we can include additional information about our skin’s reaction to the sun.

On this screen, the application recommends a maximum exposure time under the sun – in my case, I can only be uncovered from the sun for 23 minutes before “burning” -, but it also recommends extra protection during that exposure to sunlight .

In the lower right corner of the screen a sunscreen spray appears, with which we can program the level of sun protection factor or SPF and water resistance, in addition to the activity that we will carry out under the sun for most of the time . When we spray the sunscreen, we must click on “Apply” so that the system recognizes that we already have sunscreen applied to our skin. At that time, the exposure time is extended. In addition, we can add an alarm to reapply the blocker.