Cases confirm the change of cameras in the new iPhone 14 Pro

Apple will present its new iPhone 14 on September 7.

Accessories are a reliable source for what new iPhones will look like before their official launch.

This happens with the iPhone 14 Pro , which will be revealed on September 7 by Apple .

The covers or cases for these cell phones are already leaking, confirming details about their improved camera.

iPhone 14 Pro: larger sensors for the camera

User yeux1122 posted an iPhone 14 Pro case on the Korean blogging platform Naver.

When using it with your iPhone 13 Pro , there are clear differences in the camera module with much larger sensors than in the previous version.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to  have a 48-megapixel main sensor, allowing for 8K video recording for the first time on iPhones .

Usually, accessory manufacturers have models of the new iPhone beforehand in order to produce them for launch.

iPhone 14: leaked official cases

And it’s not just a third-party accessory, like the one seen on Naver .

On Twitter , user “Majin Bu” posted photos of official Apple silicone and leather cases .

In this leak, it can be seen that Apple will choose to call the 6.7-inch model iPhone 14 Plus that we expected to be called iPhone 14 Max .

There is little left to know all the details of the new iPhone this Wednesday.