Cell phone charger catches fire on a plane and causes the evacuation of passengers

More than 100 people evacuated the plane through an emergency slide at New York’s JFK airport after a charging cell phone   caught fire inside.


Emergency services evacuated a flight at JFK International Airport in New York after a cell phone charger caught fire inside the Airbus A320 plane.

This event occurred on Saturday night and ended with more than 100 passengers evacuated from the JetBlue Flight 662 plane arriving from Barbados.

a faulty battery

Officials from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), JetBlue and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said the plane was heading to a gate at Terminal 5 when  a passenger’s cell phone charger caught fire, causing visible smoke. throughout the interior. Initially, it was reported that a laptop was the culprit, but the FAA itself corrected the information.

A man sitting in the front row told CBS New York that the plane’s captain sprang into action when the fire was discovered. The fire was quickly extinguished.

Rescuers and crew evacuated 67 people from the Airbus A320 using an emergency slide system. Another 60 passengers left the plane normally. 

Seven passengers suffered minor injuries, including smoke inhalation and bruised elbows, the Port Authority said.