Cell phones: How much storage do you need in 2023?

We answer a key question when buying a cell phone .


When buying a cell phone , there is a constant question: How much storage do we need?

The answer is not simple, but there are keys to follow. We explain them to you.

How much storage do I really use?

If you constantly complain about running out of space on your phone, chances are your next device should have more memory.

This is especially the case if you have many WhatsApp groups that send files or like to record high-quality videos.

On Android, you can install Google Files and check how you use up your phone’s memory, as well as clean up unnecessary files.

Google Files is a useful tool to clean up unnecessary files.Source: Google Files

Do I use the cloud to back up my photos and videos?

Whether it’s Google Photos or iCloud, having a backup in the cloud will allow you to clean your cell phone of photos or videos that you don’t need at the moment.

Please note that the most complete and robust versions of these services require payment.

Android and Apple: two different stories

On Android, many cell phones offer the possibility of expanding the memory via a microSD card , which will help you have more files without the anxiety without running out of space.

In addition, “ extra RAM ”, a process in which Android phones “borrow” storage space to give you a little more RAM , is becoming increasingly popular . Take it into account when choosing a cell phone.

Apple is much less generous with storage on iPhones. The $999 iPhone 14 Pro (in the US) starts with 128GB of storage and there’s no room for expansion.

What would be the ideal storage in 2023?

In 2023, you should have at least 128GB of storage on your phone, taking into account that the operating system and pre-installed apps take up space.

64GB isn’t enough anymore, unless you want a pretty basic experience. In that case, it would be appropriate for your cell phone to have the possibility of expanding storage in the future.

256GB might be a bit much for some users, but it should be your goal if you shoot a lot of videos in 4K or higher quality… or just want to not worry about running out of space.

The good news is that more and more models in the mid-range offer 256GB, and in some cases in promotions at the same price as a 128GB one.

If you’re a high-end user , you have options that go up to 1TB, ideal if you record video with the lowest possible compression or if your phone is an important work tool when creating content.