CES 2023: Failed tech products fill “failure gallery” at trade show

Failed-to-market tech products were exhibited in a gallery at the industry’s largest trade show: CES 2023 .

Failed tech products like a tweet-only phone, glasses with therapeutic magnets and a model of the 1980s DeLorean sports car are on display this week at the CES 2023 consumer electronics show  in Las Vegas.

“Many creators think they are geniuses and everything they are doing is great,” said Narek Vardanyan, organizer of this ” Gallery of Failures ” at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ), which runs from January 5-8. in this city in the western United States.

But, in this way “you can spend a lot of money and lose many years,” he warned.

Vardanyan is the founder of Prelaunch.com, an Armenia-based platform that specializes in verifying potential demand for new products early in the creation process.

Items from the infamous collection

Also in the ” Flop Gallery” are Microsoft’s Zune portable media player and Apple’s defunct Pippin video game console.

About 80% of new products launched each year are unsuccessful, often because the creators didn’t gauge whether people were actually willing to spend money on what they were selling, according to Vardanyan.

While the tech giants can afford to have their products not work, for startups it may be the end.

“I think failures are very good to look at because they are valuable learning experiences,” said Brad Holliday of ID8 Innovation, who advises large companies launching new projects.

“You can save money in the long run,” he added.

Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said device makers with innovations will want to get their products to market quickly this year.

Given the difficulties of the world economy, new companies do not have the five years they once waited to hone their projects and avoid failure, he said.

Today, start-ups need to “bet that money will come in in the near future,” he emphasized. (AFP)