CES 2023: LG presents the Signature OLED M, its first “wireless” TV

During the CES 2023 technology fair , LG revealed its latest television, which does not require cables for image and sound.

LG has presented a new concept in terms of televisions during CES 2023 , the most important technology fair of the year. This new product called Signature OLED M consists of a 97-inch screen that does not require cables such as HDMI or the antenna to play video and audio. The South Korean firm revealed the first “wireless” television with a super minimalist design.

As was shown during the convention and as the company’s press release expands, LG Signature OLED M uses the company’s new LG Zero Connect system , a small box that allows -for example- we can place the device in the middle of a room since it will not require any cable to emit its image and sound.


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LG Signature OLED M says goodbye to HDMI and other cables

The LG Zero Connect system works in a very similar way to Samsung’s One Connect but with an important difference: the box is not connected to the television, so all cables disappear. The South Korean firm points out that the wireless connection between the Zero Connect terminal and the television will be error-free, offering 4K image quality and a refresh rate of at least 120Hz.

While there is no official distance at which the box should be placed, LG mentions that the maximum distance is 10 meters. This is enough to put the Zero Connect in a prudent place within the room without the need for any wiring in the walls or furniture. Of course, although the absence of cables is its main novelty, that does not detract from the fact that the television has a high-quality OLED screen , as well as a minimalist and effective design.

How does the LG Signature OLED M work?

The ports present in the box include an RJ45 for Ethernet, a coaxial input for an antenna, two HDMI ports (one of them being eARC), a 3.5mm audio jack, two USB ports and a digital optical input. Everything that would normally be connected to the TV should be done on the Zero Connect as it will wirelessly transmit said image and sound information to the set.

LG has not yet declared what technology its equipment is based on, but it is known that it is not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi spectrum, so it would be a proprietary transmission function. Of course, calling it wireless has its trick, since while you don’t need cables for audio and picture, it still uses a power cable to function. However, the fact that you only need to use one in itself is already groundbreaking.

The LG Signature OLED M will be available during the second half of 2023 at a price that is not yet known.