ChatGPT: Bill Gates believes that “artificial intelligence will change the world and the labor market

ChatGPT , the artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI.


It continues to create a buzz around the world and its overwhelming success is already seen as a sign that this technology will become even more relevant in the coming years. In this regard, Bill Gates , co-founder of Microsoft , declared that this platform “will change the world and the job market in general.”

In an interview with the German business daily Handelsblatt , the businessman reaffirmed his huge interest in artificial intelligence, noting that creating and using a chatbot that provides surprisingly human-like responses to user queries is so important. such as the invention of the Internet or the personal computer.

“Until now, artificial intelligence could read and write, but not understand the content. New programs like ChatGPT will make many office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or letters. This will change our world ,” Gates said.

ChatGPT represents the future towards which technology is heading

Although Bill Gates is no longer a full part of Microsoft since he left the board of directors in 2014, he is still associated with the company since he was one of those responsible for its creation. The fact that the businessman has been interested in artificial intelligence and its development for a long time is a sign that he is still in sync with the technology firm.

As he mentioned in another interview with Alex Konrad from Forbes , the tremendous success of ChatGPT today can be compared to other great milestones in technology. “It’s pretty amazing that what I’m seeing in AI just in the last 12 months is as important as the PC, the PC with the GUI, or the Internet. This is one of the four most important milestones in digital technology” , said the magnate.

Microsoft’s commitment to ChatGPT

Because ChatGPT ‘s user base has not stopped growing since the platform was launched last November, Microsoft decided to bet on OpenAI -AI developer- increasing its investment in the company with the huge figure of 10 billion dollars. Dollars. Because of this, the Redmonds were finally able to strengthen their Bing search engine by implementing this artificial intelligence.

Microsoft ‘s goal is for its search engine to have the ability to offer more human or natural results to its users’ queries, something that Google -its biggest rival in this field and sovereign of Internet searches- has dreamed of. achieve for years. The success of ChatGPT is the first threat to the reign of those from Mountain View in a long time and this has been evidenced with the presentation of Bard, his own AI that was born as a direct response to the OpenAI chatbot .